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You can feel good about getting in.  The water will be perfect.

It's never been this easy to own a pool.


Blue Coral Pools carries only the highest quality pools, liners, pumps, filters and accessories. We'll make sure you spend your summers enjoying your pool, instead of fixing or cleaning it.


When you invest in a pool from us, the hardest work we want you to do is take the cover off. From basic accessory packages to maintenance-free systems, we'll make sure you have the right equipment and accessories to make the most of your pool.




We want to make sure that every purchase you make comes with true peace-of-mind. Blue Coral will provide you with the name of several certified installation teams to install your pool in a professional and timely manner. It's also why we guarantee the quality of every single pool we sell at Blue Coral Pools.


Once the pool is installed, our state of the art water chemical testing will help you keep your pool water in tip-top condition.  Blue Coral carries a wide variety of chemicals and a full service repair shop.

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